Tired planting scheme at Bramley golf club, ready for the Rudgwick Gardens touch.

Soil dug over, seven tonnes of manure and mushroom compost mix lightly forked in. On 7 April 2016 about 450 plants carefully selected for the new design will go in.

Design brief for this bed is to produce a traditional cottage garden type bed using soft pinks, blues and whites

This side of the wall the cottage garden brief is repeated to echo the planting in the garden behind the wall

A mix of mushroom compost and manure ready to be dug into the beds to feed the soil and improve its structure

New plants set out before planting

A bed ready for planting

First cut of grass sown as seed a few weeks earlier

New grassed area from seed sown after the waste soil heaps left after the garage was built were graded out and 4 tons of topsoil added

Newly established laurel planted as a 6′ double row hedge

The other side of the new laurel hedge

Creation of a new bed cut out of a lawn showing a really poor soil needing much improvement before roses are planted with a row of lavender infront

It is important to lay out the new plants before digging them in to ensure the position and design is right

There will be a new ‘fernery’ created here using the large pot as a focal point in this very shady area

This bed had been neglected for a few years and was very overgrown with weeds. It was cleared to reveal very few surviving plants. It will be ready for planting after the soil has been improved

This will be one of several borders around two sides of the house with a white theme and different, interesting foliage types

Rudgwick Gardens